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Getting Orthodontic Retainer

There are actually two primary types of orthodontic retainers which can be recommended by the orthodontist. You may have the removable and the other is the permanent. The main difference of these is that the permanent retainers after the braces are being bonded to the teeth and the removable retainers are worn according to the specifications of the orthodontist.

There are some types of removable retainers which may move the teeth in order to align them. However, the retainers are actually intended to prevent the teeth from shifting following their alignment. Regardless of the type of the retainers which you have been recommended to wear, you must speak with the orthodontist from regarding the pros and cons of the two.

Well, what you should know is that the permanent retainers can’t be taken out just like the removable retainers. They are quite comfortable and they are placed at the back of the teeth and this means that they are invisible when you would smile. Also, you can prevent such unwanted teeth shifting because you won’t forget to wear them as they are already glued on.

However, you should know that with the permanent retainers, it can be hard for you to clean the teeth thoroughly. What this means that after those permanent retainers are fixed on the teeth, you must be very religious regarding your oral hygiene. You need to floss and brush your teeth and failing to do such job can lead to the accumulation of plaque as well as tartar. You should be aware that the gum disease is often caused by such accumulations and this is the reason why you must do your best to be able to prevent them. Read more here:

Often, the removable retainers are what’s usually recommended as a really simple solution for those who have crooked teeth. Among those orthodontic retainer types, they are quite easy to wear and they also don’t pose issues in flossing and brushing. They are made to hold the teeth in place and there is no need to help them realign them. What this means is that they have a limited action and they may just be worn after the teeth were properly aligned through wearing the braces for a while. These cannot continue the process of realigning and they are also designed in keeping the teeth in place.

Make sure that you are able to find the best dentist or company from that helps you with the orthodontic retainers that you need.

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